Corte Campolongo

My family has been taking care of this place for three generations. Back then, my grandfather Aldo Barbesi, after a long working career in a bank, fulfilled his dream and with our grandmother Josephine, called Lina, bought an old stone house in a hamlet called Campolongo (meaning Long Field). The name comes from the shape of the property, long and narrow that embraces the whole side of the hill with stone terraces called "marogne." Already in 1383 in the "Liber Locatium" at the hands of the priest at St. Florian's appears a location "Long Meadow", a clear reference to the Villa.

The house has been renovated, the old vineyard was replaced by intensive cultivation of cherry, the field became a garden of flowers. In the 90s my parents, Paola and Arnaldo Merzari, have made it their summer residence, always open to friends; precisely this welcoming spirit lead us to share this residence to all those who love the Valpolicella and want to know more closely.

The emblem of the property is the work of our great-uncle Renato Righetti, aeropainter futurist, who joined the movement with the stage name of Renato Bosso, as decided by its founder Marinetti personally.

Born in Verona City, he lived in Valpolicella where he found the inspiration for his prolific output (among which include "The Manifesto of The Woodcut" and "The Poster of Anticravatta"). In the various rooms you will find the works of our great-grandfather Filippo Nereo Vignola, vernacular poet, satirical cartoonist; He was also a painter back in the 19th Century, along with his friend A. Dall'Oca Bianca.

Stefano and Laura Merzari